What Film Photography taught me....!

posted on 23rd of march, 2009

hey all,

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Usually I'm pretty active on here, but have been busy with college, work and life in general! Anyways, I have a film module that is due in next week in college, so i had to dust off my film camera and get shooting... and WOW was i surprised!!

I have always shot in digital. I only bought a film camera very cheaply on ebay in September, as it was a requirement for my photography course.

Our film module is solely black and white, so i used C41 and Fp4 film. My first film i loaded into the camera incorrectly, and the film was completely blank.... which was a bit disappointing!

I have learnt so much through the process of shooting on film. We had a few themes to choose from for our project, which definitely helped, because it gave me direction. I chose landscape and cityscape. Also we have to have a few shots showing different things, slow shutter, DOF, angle of view etc... All our images have to be developed in the dark room to at least 10x8.

I spent the weekend in London a few weeks ago. My husband was at a conference, so I had the weekend to spend by myself with my camera.... a luxury for me these days!! I set off each day with my camera and notebook to note the images, settings etc as this all has to be included in my workbook for college.

I shot about 40 images that weekend on film. I know that if i was shooting on digital, i would have definitely shot well over that! I found that shooting on film made me totally slow down. I had to take my time, think about the photo, the composition, the camera settings, lighting, how it would look in black and white etc... and after I had taken each photo, I had to take out my notebook and write down the exact settings and number of the image.

Next is taking the film into the dark room.. this is what i have fallen in love with! It is really amazing watching the image come up in the developer... then looking at what areas i want to change / allow more light onto / burn, hold back etc...

Anyways, just want to let you all know, that if you get a change to shoot on film, TAKE IT!! It slowed me down and made me think before i pressed the shutter! it has definitely given me a new appreciation of digital photography and awe at those who shoot on film.

Digital is so quick. I guess it is a sign of our quick society, we want things and we want them now! That does not happen with film, and it has all been quite refreshing for me!!

Anyways, have a great week everyone and SLOW DOWN! Take a breath, enjoy your life!

Cheers, Rebecca xx

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