Photograph Experience in Russia

posted on 24th of march, 2009

During these years I’ve been to Russia 3 times due to my work need. The 1st time was in summer, it was fine at that time and the light was also quite transparent, however, I had no camera yet then only took with me a DV, so that’s really sort of pity. The next 2 times I went there were all during winter, it’s quite cold , the temperature in the day time was still below minor 16 degrees, because it’s too cold I could only put the battery into the inner pocket of my coat and took it out just when ready to use. Still remember once when my friend & I went to the Moscow's Red Square to shoot the night scene, it’s so cold that my friend’s old fashioned digital camera stopped working just after 1 hr. shooting.

Another impressed me quite much is we need also buy tickets for our cameras in many travel sites and usually it’s half the price of adults. Of course, many places still forbidden to take photos and in this situation the hint will be presented.

The architectures in Russia are certainly worth of appreciation, both the design and the color appearance. Last time I went to Moscow and St.Petersburg. Hereby share with you some of the photos I took there, I like most the Church ones.

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Comment by Toneimage on March 25, 2009