Similarity - thin line between smart and excessive, or how less can mean more

posted on 25th of march, 2009

As we all know, the ever-growing database reached a point where each serious contributor must analyse his/her portfolio and see what sells and what doesn't. We wanted to get Big and we got Big together, offering a vast variety of quality imagery. Let's finetune now and be more selective as to get the best download per image ratio, as well as the best time per download.

There are a lot of benefits from being selective, I'll just name a few:

-It is better to have a level 5 image than 10 level 1 images, because you earn more per download. Several similar images will always compete for downloads.
-Your portfolio looks more appealing due to a more visible variety of images.
-You save buyers time so they don't get bored browsing through many pages of the same subject, and having...let's say 4 images per subject instead of 12. This will also help the buyer make his/her mind faster, which results in quicker sales.

A shooting session very often results in a lot of images that we like and there is the sentimental issue of not knowing which one, or just how many to upload. I myself have that problem sometimes. What we should focus on instead, is how it'll work for us at the end of the day, as far as downloads are concerned. That kind of selectivity reflects a mature, pragmatic self evaluation system and greatly improves the value of an image.

For example I chose images from two different shooting sessions, two different subjects, two different photographers. All six images are excellent shots. While the beer bottles will most likely compete for the same downloads and the total number of downloads will divide by 3, the garden couple images offer enough variety to stand on their own and respond to a wider range of demand.

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