Advertising and me. "Visual Synthesis"

posted on 26th of march, 2009

Im Paul, and I work in advertising. In this blog I going to try to comment different experiences that I live in this incredible world and how one image can tell more than a thousand words.

Ohh... and sorry my poor english!

Visual Synthesis

In advertising is very important appeal to the visual synthesis. This concept means that all that you want to tell in your advertise is expressed/synthetized in the image/photo of the advice.
Of course, this is not easy, because a effective visual synthesis requires an excelent image, very conceptual... an image that can communicate the message by it self without copy text.

For example, this photo, is not just a lamp with a bill inside, is more than that, it can represent the concept of "ideas to make money", or "incandescent light is expensive and old".

So, an image can tell more than a thousand words.

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