Advertising and me. "Insight"

posted on 27th of march, 2009

Hi. This is my second delivery about advertising concepts. Today I going to try to explain what an "insight" is.


An insight is the capacity to become aware about an interior reality of any thing, for example: a product that we need to communicate.
The insight of a product, service or an istitution is founded in values, perceptions and concept that let we know the essence of the message that we must to communicate. For example and insight of a luxury car could be the idea of "have something unique that allow us to be members of a selected group", so we put all the energy at this idea in the message.

Why is so important to think in the insights when we create an image/photo? Because if we know some general insights that the advertisers use at the hour to "think" a campaign for some product, it must be easier to create an useful image and you going to have more probability to sell it.

So. The insight in photography is very important.

Greetings!!! And as always said.... sory my poor english.


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