Shooting still life with simple and easy equipments.

posted on 28th of march, 2009

Usually I create photos with 3D max , Photoshop and so on. Because I have no DSLR incourrent. But it is can not prevent the interest of photography of mine.
Some time I can create some useful pictures with my DC[has macro function].
For example:
The green leaf

© Luming (Help)

I use abig piece of draw paper for a background, and use some sulphuric acid-paper[half transparent quality of material] all around the leaf to make up a soft light box. And a single flash light is the chief light, Shine through the leaf from the back,due to display the leaf's penetrating material, and a reflect light card on the opposite to supplement light.
© Luming (Help)

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Comment by Luming on March 29, 2009