I am depressed !

posted on 30th of march, 2009

My sales drops suddenly this week.
I have 8-10 sales per day before this week, but now I have 1-2sales per day.
After seeking for the reason I found that has the possibility is the sales drop which the new search engine creates.
I did not know when the search system is upgrade.At present seeks for my picture through the search engine, they usually after 100 pages, but before, they usually in first 3 pages.
At present through the key word search picture, the rule which demonstrated is sorts according to under sales capacity how many. This is helpful in the buyer discovers the most popular picture but these picture overwhelming majority is the old picture.This rule was very difficult to find the new picture and new contributor.
The above is my analysis, possibly is the individual phenomenon.
Whether some people also do encounter this kind of situation? Hopes everybody discussion.


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Comment by Zhuanghua on October 30, 2009