Corrective Techniques for portraits

posted on 7th of april, 2009

Here is the first part of my blog, which I promised will share here, this is a Exclusive Bobby Lane's Class.

The successful portrait photographer realizes that his principal aim is to obtain characteristic likenesses of his subjects. At the same time, however, he must temper reality with flattery. The portraitist does this combining judicious posing, suitable lighting, and appropriate choice of camera angle. Although each situation in portraiture is different from all the other, the following suggestions for corrective treatment are generally accepted. ( Thank you Bobby Lane)

Deep-set Eyes
Lower main light, use a low lighting ratio

Protruding Eyes
Have subject look downward

Heavy set Figure
Use short lighting, use low-key lighting, use dark Clothing, vignette shoulders and body, blend body with background tone.

Tilt downward by elevating bows slightly, adjust fill to side to minimize reflections,have subject raise or lower chin to move reflections, use small light source, or retouch.

Prominent Forehead
Tilt chin upward, lower camera position.

Long Nose
Tilt chin upward, face directly to camera, lower main light, lower camera position.

Narrow Chin
Tilt chin upward

Lower camera, flag light from head, no hair light, blend top of head with background tone.

Angular Nose
Minimize by turning face toward lens.

Broad Face
Raise camera, use short light, turn face to ¾ angle.

Narrow Face
Lower main light, use broad lighting

Wrinkled Face
Use diffuse lighting, lower main light, use ¾ pose

Double Chin
Raise main light, tilt chin up, raise camera height

Facial Defect
Keep on shadow side

Prominent Ears
Hide far ear behind head, keep near ear in shadow, Use profile view.

Hope this gives some lighting lessons, still more to come if time permits.

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