I have a dream :D

posted on 7th of april, 2009

Yes..I have a dream on dreamstime..hope to can have just ONE image on editor choice...I'm working hard and hope to reach also that goal..in the meantime I look everyday at that section and I found it full of inspiration..I have noticed some thing:
1.the editor like crisp,clean image
2.the light is really important

© Nejron (Help)

3.I can find in that section the real taste of quality image
4.the editor doesn't like so much illustration..;D (this is a wonderful image of a friend of mine..congrat :*) but like photomanipulation
5.he like cuuute girls :)))))
6.probably he hate me..(oh dear I'm kidding :D)
I know, this is not a post that can help me to enter that section, but...I can dream about it!
Have a nice day :*

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Comment by Dabobabo on April 08, 2009