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posted on 14th of april, 2009

Professional photographers earn big dollars for what they do.They travel the world capturing images for the likes of National Geographic,The Smithsonian Institute and many other publications.They may own portrait studios or just be freelancers that travel into very harsh environments to capture their images at their own expense.I have been on many websites for many of the best photographers in the world and they are not asking chump change for their work and they get it.I was on one site and there was a really long waiting period to acquire one of their prints.

With that said,why would these type of professionals want to sell their images as Stock Photos?Some pros have their own Stock Photos available on their sites but these photos are managed by the photographer,not an agency.

There are millions of awesome photographs on Dreamstime that in my opinion should sell for much more than most photographers get.What i'm trying to say is that most pros won't work for that.We all know how much work is involved in Stock Photographs whether you are a pro or not.

If i was a pro like some of the ones i've described above i would not want to tell anybody that one of my photographs sold for 42 cents and that it was the only sale i'd made in two weeks. GO FIGURE!

These two images were not captured with high dollar pro gear nor are they likely to be in the near future.If a pro would have captured these images from the same vantage point using the same size lens of pro quality and a body of pro quality the results would be almost identical to mine.I've used pro gear and the expense does not justify the final result which in this case is sales.

For the sales to continue you have to work hard with what gear you already have.Get to know the capabilities of your camera and work from there.Many of the DSLRs on the market today are fine pieces of engineering that are capable of awesome things if you get to know it's capabilities and it's limitations.Work hard for your benefit and try not to keep up with the Jones's.

The images i have posted here have been accepted by Dreamstime and to me that says alot.I believe that there is alot of professionalism in the photographs of many of the contributors to Dreamstime otherwise they would not be here.Remember that Dreamstime is also in business and they want to provide the best content to their customers as well.

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Comment by Budgetstockphoto on April 15, 2009

I think the pro might have used a nice tilt shift lens to keep everything vertical, but that's not the main reason I comment:

it's in reply to what you wrote about dreamstime 'being in business and want to provide the best content'. I think a lot of contributors need to keep this in mind the next time they have a photo rejected or they moan about the commission levels.

if dreamstime accepted questionable quality images, no matter what the origin and changed what currently seems to be a sound business model (price structure and commission rate etc) they would probably go out of business - that's not something that anyone wants.

The agencies do a somewhat thankless job of separating buyers who want ever cheaper prices plus better quality and photographers who want to earn as much as they can. If you have ever sold photos direct to customers you'll know the time it takes to deal the problems the minority of them create.

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