So Busy, So Much Good News - Including my First W-EL!

posted on 22nd of april, 2009

Between my day job, the holidays, my first two photo assignments and getting ready for our trip to Alaska next month, I haven't found time to post.

The last time I posted I said my next goal was to hopefully sell $100 in a month. The end of Janaury I finally broke the mark at $101. March, however, blew it away with $147! Better yet, it wasn't all NASCAR photos, I actually had a number of different types of photos sell, as a group, just as well.

I've also crossed the 1,000 photos sold mark, currently standing at 1,124 and just a few days ago, I sold my first W-EL of this photo! Combined with my first two photo assignments, the beginning of 2009 has been off to a great start.

We head to Alaska next month for 10 days, and hopefully I'll find a ton of photos that I'll be able to post on DT too!


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Comment by Lftan on April 23, 2009