Be creative during the recession times

posted on 26th of april, 2009

We all know how strong and unpredictable the recession we're in can be. While sales might slow down from time to time, I'm convinced that this coming summer there will be a new refreshing time of prosperity and possibilities. That's one of the reasons why, for example, I believe in uploading as many colorful and varied summer/beach/bikini shots as possible.
During hard economic times all forms of art have always experienced tremendous growths in terms of experiments, forms and branches as well as financial rewards (as a direct consequence).
There could not be a better social/economic “frame” than the one we’re currently living to let our artistic sensitivity, visions and post-production skills work through us. If we’re photographers we don’t only have to portray a crisis, a business situation or an emotion: we should rather consider materializing the inner dream made of infinite journeys of imaginary places, stories, senses, times, colors and more.
Let’s all take advantage of this financial roller coaster to not only witness reality through reality itself (which is also VERY important) but to also exercise that natural gift of ours called detachment…the detachment from this reality.
You might say, at this point, that a bikini shot is far from what I just mentioned, but it certainly can be an elementary example of evoking a good feeling, a good day, a warm wind, a beautiful sky.
I notice many photographers are already showcasing great talent and abundance of creativity by producing incredibly stunning works of art where a face disintegrates into wind; or where a businessman sits on a floating office armchair during a storm.

If we all come together on Dreamstime, then it is Time to Dream.

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Comment by Curaphotography on July 23, 2009