One year at Dreamstime

posted on 26th of april, 2009

I reached two new milestones this week! On April 23rd I've been at Dreamstime for one year and on day later on April 24th I had my 100th sale :) It happened to be an image of garlic and basil.

When I started uploading one year ago I was new to microstock. I'm an artist who paints images in Photoshop and from time to time I used textures of photos I took. I liked photography quite a lot but never had an idea what do to with it! When I found out about microstock I uploaded images that I had and I liked. Those where not really stock orientated images and of course some did not get approved ;) Moreover my camera was not very good and I had not many options in what to shot. Many shots I could through away because of quality and therefor the fun was limited!

Since I purchased my dslr this fun grows dramatically! I never have to through away anything because of artifacts or jpg compression or what ever. Well, perhaps at least not images shot with iso 100. But I also have at least one iso 1600 shot approved. With this camera the possibilities are not unlimited but they feel unlimited, compared to a compact camera.

One year has passed now and I think it was quite successful. Due to the camera problems I began uploading seriously in September 2008 and I had my first payout in February 2009.
Now I have 216 images on-line and I have only just begun ;)

Let's see what the next year comes up with and if I manage to get 1000 images on-line till April 2010 ;)

Have a nice day, Dreamstime!

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