My first photo accepted

posted on 28th of april, 2009

Wow. I love when I make something new, here on dreamstime.
A year ago I put my first illustration online, I was very happy because got accepted. I was very new at this and I'm still very new.

© Gyeah (Help)
Now my first photo got accepted, that is awesome . After some rejections, there it is, a mushroom is up.
That is the start of a new learning curve in my life, photography.
I wish I could share the happiness, is lke my first sale, or my first assignment file accepted.

I want to thank you for this achievement, to all the members who helped me, and a special thanks to Kenneth Caleno aka. Kenny123 for his great tutorial posted here on dreamstime.

Wish you all the happiness in your life.

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Comment by Gyeah on April 28, 2009