Contributors stealing ideas from another contributors

posted on 1st of may, 2009

© Cari21 (Help)

These images were made by me. They are not the greatest ideas, and they are not the most beautiful designs, but still, I’m proud of them just because they were my own ideas.

A few days ago I was shocked, when searching for them in another agency, I found these same images having been copied and sold by another contributor. Placing my originals next to the fake ones, it is obvious that they were made by a different person, but the images are the same. I decided to post a thread at the forum of that agency, and found out that some people also felt frustrated about this kind of cheating, but some others weren’t bothered by this. My feeling was that these people were supporting the cheaters instead of supporting their own pears, so I wondered, shouldn’t we try to stop this kind of people instead of letting them use our imagination, and the time we spend making our new designs on their own benefit? Is it acceptable to reproduce an image and put it into the market, or shouldn’t this be allowed?

I’m interested in listening to different opinions, because I have a strong feeling about this, but I also understand that I might be mistaken or might be too harsh, so it’s good to know what other people think.

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Comment by Denisebeverly on May 03, 2009