Welcome to the desert

posted on 13th of may, 2009

Hi everybody,

Since I can't take too many days off from my working place, and if you remember I posted here some blogs regarding my Africa trip, I now continue travelling my country which I love like hell - Israel.

My lsat trip was in the Negev which is the desert of israel, it's not too populated and a very special and unique place to travel in. This time of the year (between spring and summer) it's not too hot during the days and not too cold suring the nights to enjoy what the desert has to offer.

In the negev desert you can found special scenery like craters.
This image presents the "Ramon Crater":

When we reached this lookout we had a surprise, a courios ibex mother and two offsprings:

During our trip we also did a short walk in "Ein Saharonim" which is a dry river:

That's it for now, hope you enjoyed it.
My tip to you - travel travel travel... :)


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