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posted on 23rd of may, 2009

I have two different type of emotions after again one submitted flower shot gets refused.

Explaination is: this is a very well covered subject in our data base or the subject of your image is too specific. This one sentence can say it all.

Firstly I am sad, secondly it makes me think that there is no point to post any other flower photo in the infinite future. Why? Because there are two types of flower photos. Ones that are very common flowers and are well covered like roses (990 pages up in DT).

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Secondly there are flowers that are so rare that there are only few images online or none online.

There is no point in making another red rose shot - this I understand.

But sadly there is no point in uploading rare flowers and filling the holes in database, beacause images that fill holes are too specific. (African daisy gives 12 pages in search) and one of my african daisy images got rejected because it was too specific image.

What is you experience with flower photography? Do you get somthing approved or is it too late to add any new flower photos to database? What are your thoughts?

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Comment by Theclarkester on August 13, 2009