Combining photos

posted on 26th of may, 2009

When I first joined dreamstime I was fascinated by how many backgrounds that were available for downloads.

I actually wondered how people used them.

Of course after spending hours and hours trying to learn and understand Photoshop and other programs that allow you to isolate photos and put them against any background you want I certainly have a better understanding of how things should work.

So here is my first serious try at combining two photos.

Two important things I have discovered in doing this.

One is that the isolation must be flawless, so time needs to be taken to make sure every edge is perfect.

And the background should be perfect in focus and in exposure is where it needs to be.

Of course after doing this it is as if I was walking through a house of photography and found a room that I didn't know existed.

When I opened it I got a peek at more possibilities and another option to use in my photos.

Now I wonder how many other rooms I haven't found yet.


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Comment by Irisangel on July 02, 2009