Managing files for submission

posted on 26th of may, 2009

How do you manage your files for submission?

I have created a folder called DT & then sub folders:

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Accepted (I love this folder)
Rejected (much fuller than I would like)

Every time I submit an image I load it into the pending folder.

Then after review, I either moves from pending into accepted, rejected or resubmit.

I find this works well, so long as I am conscientious about it. It means I know where I am, at any point in time. It also means I am not submitted images that were previously rejected and wasting reviewers time.

I think a Work in progress folder may also be on the horizon for me. I have a few images that I would like to play around with so it seems like a good idea to save them all in one place for a rainy day.

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Comment by Thepraetorian on May 26, 2009