The cultural and economic impact of our images

posted on 26th of may, 2009

>Dear Community:
I´m very happy to post and sell my works by Dreamstime page. This enterprise to make possible to expand our professional and artistic life, carrying our images around the worlds. But we know that many of us, beyond of economics topics, need to know the cultural impact of our works by the final destination of these. ¿What kind of works my images are helping? ¿What is seeing the users when they select me? ¿Are those using to press, to publicity, to design, or other destinities? These are many of the questions that I ask to me. Then ¿Why not to reforce the topic by the Dreamstime´s page? I simply recommend this to our friends. They help us to sell our images but why not to be a road to exchange our impressions o sentations too. Thank a lot for yours attention. Greetings, Claudio Fichera

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Comment by Claudiofichera on June 05, 2009

That is the right attitude! Thanks and Thanks Amy!!

Comment by Amyemilia on June 05, 2009

Mostly I try to sell my images here on DT. But occasionally I do buy for my blog. Ever since a buyer for one of my images wrote to me and told me why they bought that particular image, I've made it a point to do the same. When I buy an image, I send a note on that image to the photographer. Sometimes I get no response, but usually photographers are happy to know.

Comment by Mani33 on May 27, 2009

That's why I was trying my best to show the images I found through my e-mail also.
To be honest I was expecting the photographer of that shot I've published to say something but seems he doesn't care!

Comment by Claudiofichera on May 26, 2009

Already tried. I did not find anything. Perhaps the translation is bad, and I sorry. did a friend. The purpose of the article is ask the buyer more commitment... I thought that sellers be more interested, but I see no interest. My mistake dear Saorsa!

Comment by Saorsa on May 26, 2009

try to find your images.

Comment by Claudiofichera on May 26, 2009

Nevertheless is important, Maen. Think of your ego! And in all new jobs showing the portfolio

Comment by Mani33 on May 26, 2009

Hey Claudio, don't worry much about that bro, because you can only know by luck! DreamsTime even don't know about the destiny of most of the photos downloaded (They only know who!)


Comments (7)

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