Discoveries of a newby

posted on 31st of may, 2009

Wow I managed to get pictures on dreams time.Now what? I thought I had a lot more pictures than that. What they rejected some of my creative art work. What about that beautiful red rose. How could they say to specific.It must be one of a kind .I check red roses. Oh no how many thousand. I am starting to find out the dreamstime critics may know what they are talking about.
I check the blogs. Man these people are smart and they are sharing in all their learning experiences. Check out kenny123. I think he must be a professor. Smarter than any teacher I ever had. Now I learn the hard way about PTF uploads using firefox or other vehicles and dreams time id-1070972 your own deamstime code and PTF magic to safe uploads and save time when some can be critiqued by dreams time. This also gives me time to check the pictures I was going to use. After looking at them three or four times I decide you know what I am going to delete some because just because my wife liked them does not necessarily mean that they are stock material. I decide to talk to some of the dreamstime photographers. Now that is a help full bunch of people. I now have some new friends some think the same as I do ,some different but all good.
After some time now my skills are growing as are my friendships and I know that dreams time is one of the better choices I have ever made. Peter

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