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posted on 5th of june, 2009

I just saw this blog feature a few minutes ago, and even though it is late at night and I have to work tomorrow, I thought that I would write something. So, what do photographers blog about?
Everything, probably. Life is a series of photographs. Unfortunately, they aren't always correctly exposed. Sometimes life is noisy, grainy, and the noise reduction filter doesn't perk life into a crystal clear, focused, picture.
But I'm not trying to present a philosophical picture on life. Now, to photograph a philosophical picture of life on my digital camera in RAW...that's the present. A heck of a great present.

Did I mention that I'm also an English major?
Maybe on my first blog I should jot a few things down about myself, besides my late-night obsession with puns. I love the show LOST, I don't like the Bachelorette but I'm watching it anyway (go, Wes!), I'm a student, and when I'm supposed to write essays I'm usually outside with my camera.
I recently had to buy a new 1 TB computer because my photos were taking up too much space and the poor old machine was slowing down. Now, with my new computer, I'm always shooting in RAW and forget to delete photos I don't use so I'm going to hope they release a 2 TB computer soon...No, I'm just joking. I'm paying my university fees. Does anyone have any hints what to do with all those RAW photos?

I hope I mentioned that microstock photography sounds great. I've always done artsy flower photos, so trying to photograph things that aren't nature is more difficult...but I'm getting there. My family is composed of health nuts, so I'm focusing on that right now as inspiration.


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