Discovering the underwater world - Part II

posted on 9th of june, 2009

Hi all,

This Blog is a continue to my previous one regarding scuba diving and photography. As I mentioned I'm diving in the red sea - to be more specific Eilat, Israel. Scuba diving is awesome!! The peaceful quiet, not feeling gravity, moving slowly - all of these make you feel really relaxed.

In my previous Blog I gave examples of corals you might find in red sea, in this one I'll give some examples of the fish you might encountered.

The colors are endless, there are some small and some big, each one of them have different behaviour pattern and they are so much fun to look at:

There are some which are pretty different from the others like:
a blow fish:

The ones which are most fascinating are the dangerous ones, like:
This lion fish is an amazing creature!!

Last thing I have to say - GO SCUBA DIVING!!!! :)

Hope you liked my Blog,

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Comment by Petroruth on June 10, 2009