Large collections of photos featuring the same children.

posted on 9th of june, 2009

I have realised that it can be a challenge to find larger series of pictures with the same model(s). Personally, I mainly take pictures of my children, and I have noticed other contributors who have large and varied portfolios with many pictures of the same children. So I have gathered some of these in a collection. There is one photo of each child in the collection, but by clicking on the picture, you get the choice to see more pictures of the same model.

Each model in this collection has a large number of pictures online on Dreamstime, and the pictures are varied. There are pictures from when the children were younger and older, with different clothes, facial expressions, and of the children doing different activities. These are the models you can find in the collection now, you are welcome to suggest more, as long as they follow the criteria mentioned:

© Gaja (Help)

gaja: Two sisters with Nordic looks that are so close in age they can be used to illustrate twins. They love playing in the fantastic Norwegian nature, no matter what the weather is like. Unfortunately, they have had their share of accidents and deceases, so you can find quite a few medical pictures with these models.

Jarenwicklund: A lovely little disabled boy from a large and loving interracial (Scandinavian/Thai) family. His brothers and sisters are also well represented in this portfolio.

Martinedegraaf: Two charming curly haired dutch brothers. You can find pictures of them from they were born until the age of seven, and in all kinds of activities.

Ankewanwyk :A beautiful girl from South Africa. The number of pictures with this model is impressive, and you also get a good impression of the wonderful South African wildlife and nature.

Pureradiancejennifer: An adorable african american girl. You can watch her grow up from a laughing toddler to a grumpy teenager.

stellajune3700: A chinese brother and sister, swimming, playing, drawing, together with their family or with friends.

Rmarmion: A sweet hispanic girl, playing, going to school, to the doctor, together with her family, or isolated on white.

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