Whole new world under you nose!!

posted on 17th of june, 2009


Recently I started to master new photography area which supprised me a lot!

This new area (for me) is macro photography. It's amazing, there was always a whole world under my nose and I didn't noticed it. It takes a lot of patient, but when you take a successful photo the results are just amazing!!

For good quality photos you'll need a good macro lens. I'm using the Sigma 150mm 2.8 and I have to say I really like its results. In addition to that I just bought Nikon's R1 Kit which consist of two small flashes which you can put on a ring which is attached to the end of the lens. This kit is not necessary but in a lot of cases it sure do helps.

Having good macro lens and good tripod can do the job. The best times for shooting macro is sunrise and sunset, when most of the insects are sleeping.

It's still new to me and I really want to master this area more amd more, seeing all these details which you can never see with your own eyes is fascinating!

Hope to have more Blogs like this... :)

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Comment by Kasienka on June 19, 2009