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posted on 1st of july, 2009


In the last few monthes I found myself another interesting subject to shoot and thas is sports. I took my camera to two events so far - a marathon run and a triathlon race. Seeing the effort that these athlets are putting is amazing. There are a lot of happenings and interesting stuff to see and shoot.

Another chalange is speed. As these athlets are pretty fast you have a very short time to notice, capture, focus and taking your photo. Of course good gear can assist you in these cases. I use my Nikon D200 and my 17-55 of 70-200 lenses. Both of them has F 2.8 which allows me to isolate the athlete which I'm shooting (focus wise) and work with high shutter speeds.

In order to get the best results I set my area focus to all image and in which the camera focuses on moving objects. In addition to that I use continious focusing which helps me not to lose photo opportunities.

The photos from my last event turned out to be really beautiful!! I see improvement from my first event and I hope to keep on that trend. Athoer indicatio nto that improvement was that I just had my second editor's choice!! :)

I hope you found this Blog interesting and useful and that I encouraged you to start trying it for yourselves!!

Bye, until next time,

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