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posted on 5th of july, 2009


I guess most of you, like myself, put a lot of effort in order to upload more and more images to DT. It's a heavy time consumer, we need to think of an idea, plan how to shoot it with all considerations, set up lights, scenery etc.. , take the actual photos, precess them with PS (or other applications) upload them, categorize, think of best keywording and hope your images will get approved.

You must agree with me that it's a lot of work. After all this work had been done, and let's say your image was approved you can only wait for buyers to come across your image and want to buy it? Correct?? Wrong!!

I think that even after your image went online there are things you can do and that is PROMOTION.
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There are several great promotion methods like "editor's choice", "Editorial Images" or "In the News". The problem with those is that it's DT to decide whether you'll get this promotion or not. I want to talk about what is in YOUR HANDS.

First tip: Write a Blog!!

If you are reading this Blog you must be familiar with DT's Blogs! If you have done something which is fun, different, interesting or innovative - SHARE IT. Speaking for myself the readers of the Blogs are really supportive and you'll get encouraging and thankful feedbacks. Attach some of your mentioned images (or other photographers images) and there you go - you promoted your portfolio.

Second tip: Create Collections

Collection are a great method of organizing your images into groups. I guess that most of you have imges with some things in common. Assist the buyer by creating a collection and let him choose from that collection the exact image that he wants. When you want to buy a new jeans you go the shop and check out the jeans stand, right?! Why sholdn't it be the same in microstock? Create your stands, show your goods.

Third tip: Your profile is you

After creating your collections present them in your profile - giving the buyers which checks out your profile an easier way to check out your "goods". Accessibility counts!! With this easy to apply tutorial in can be done:

Add to your profile the following text:
< a href="">HDR Images

Where between the "" put your link of the collection (Can be found in "Manage collections" from the management area) instead of HDR Images put your collection name and remove the space after the < and before the >.

That's it...
This is the first "technical" Blog I'm writing here in DT. Please let me know if you found it useful by clicking the button. 10x!! :)

That's it for now...
Good luck,

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