Comfort food

posted on 6th of july, 2009

Some time ago I started a managed collection for images of comfort food. I had intended to write this blog back then, but got sidetracked. Now it is high time to get back to it.

It's hard to define exactly what comfort food is, because it can be different things to different people.

For me, comfort food is usually something homemade and simple. It might be a food that reminds me of my childhood, or just makes me feel warm and cozy on a cold day. Comfort food can be a snack, a main course or a dessert. The only thing I think comfort food is not, is a fancy restaurant meal.

I most familiar with what might be considered comfort food in North America, but there are many places I haven't been, so there may be all sorts of regional comfort foods I'm not familiar with.
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Plus I am very curious about other cultures. Do you have the concept of comfort food, too? What are some of the favourite dishes elsewhere in the world? I would love to expand my comfort food collection to include a variety of images of comfort foods from around the world. Your comments and suggestions on this will be very helpful!

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