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posted on 6th of july, 2009

Hello Everybody,

I'm here for a year, but because of my basic English, I have not written any messages until today. I also think I have much to learn and very little to teach anyone.
My experience with SLR cameras is just the last two years, without any previous learning. So I can't complain about results: all my microstock sales this year has allowed me to improve my equipment seriously.

But most important is that thanks to your helpful blogs, articles and tutorials, I am learning a lot (ok, I admit, every rejected image also helps) :)

Today I had a double milestone to celebrate
1.- Reach the 500$ mark
2.- with my first P-EL, this one:

© Jiss (Help)

Thanks to this and all other buyers!!!
I'm not sure if 500$ it's a good hit after a year here and nearly 800 images in my port, but I can't complain, even when some of my best sellers out are a bit "lost" in searches here. In the other hand some others are better placed and they sell regularly.

Now I'm planning to install a permanent studio in my house and take lots of pictures, the most varied possible, but I need time, I always need more time... :)

Some examples of my best "non sellers" here:

© Jiss (Help)
© Jiss (Help)

Very few Downloads:
© Jiss (Help)
© Jiss (Help)
© Jiss (Help)

Feel free to criticize my portfolio. Any comment, better if it's critical, will be welcome.
Best Regards
Jose I.

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