Pause, it's time for a bit of Illustrator

posted on 6th of july, 2009

Raster images are made up tiny solid color areas called pixels. Every pixel contains information about color and placement.The number of pixels determines the resolution of the image. A bitmap image of 600 pixels enlarged by 500% will have the same number of pixels but each pixel will cover a larger area and this results in a pixelated image. Unlike raster images, vector files are generated by programs (Ai, Corel) which combine mathematical functions and coordinates that allow them to be stored in less space than bitmap images.The most important characteristic of vector files is that images can be scaled at any size without any loss in detail and the vector object will appears smooth even at 500% or 5000%.

Having said this, here it is a small tutorial about creating vector shape.

1.Select the pen tool (P) and create an arc or use the Arc Tool

2.Duplicate the arc: (Ctrl + C, Ctrl +V or press Alt key and drag-and-drop)

3.Modify the angle of the second arc so that the two end points can overlap.

1.Go to the Direct selection tool (A), select the two end points, right click and join the two points

2.Make the same thing with the other two end points (direct selection tool – select the two points – right click– join)

1.Go to the Ellipse tool ( L) and create a circle. (for a perfect circle press and hold the Shift key)

2.Select the two objects , then go to pathfider* - shape modes - and press add shape button. After that expand it.

* window - pathfinder or Shift+Ctrl + F9

3.Your image should look like image 3.

1.Select the Spiral Tool

2.Click on an empty space and modify the radius and number of segments (decrease the number from 10 to 6).

3.You will have a spiral with 6 segements

4.Apply a brush from artistic ink : Tapered Sharp

1.Create 2 circles.

2.Select the two circles and go to the Blend Tool (W) and click on the small ellipse and after that on the big ellipse. To modify the spacing between the circles , click on the Blend Mode and increase the Specified Distance to 10 px.You can also modify the orientation.

3.Select the two shapes and go to Object - Blend - Replace spine .

4.The result should look like image 4

1.Create an arc with the pen tool or with Arc Tool and duplicate it ( Ctrl + C, Ctrl + V), and join the two end points

2.Press the Shift key and left click on the end points

3.Join the two end points

1 Create circles with different sizes ( Ellipse Tool - L)

2. Create rectangles with rounded corner ( Rouded Rectangle Tool)

3. Mix the shapes as you wish

Mix all the created shapes at different sizes, add shadows, use mesh tool, gradient, brushes, mix the colors. The result depends only on your imagination.

Good luck!

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