Power!!! How to shoot lightning bolts

posted on 7th of july, 2009

Hi All,
In the last winter I finally succeeded in photographing a lightning bolts, and not one, about ten of them.

To shoot a lightning we'll need to use long exposure of course, and not as someone from my work has asked me (how was you able to click on the shutter this fast? :-) )

an exposure of 20-30 seconds is recommended.

The key point is to wait for the thunder and try to examine the wait period between the thunder and the next lightning.

Then using the 20-30 seconds exposure catch the bolt.

Few examples of that kind:

You know the phrase "lightning does not hit the same place twice", well I guess it does not but at least very close.
While the to images above are in a wide angle shot, I was able to zoom in to a specific place and guess what, the lightning hit the same place twice:

Last recommendation:
don't give up, catching a good frames of 10 lightnings took me about 50 shoots. :-)

Waiting for the next winter.

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