Most Downloaded vs. Highest Price Paid

posted on 8th of july, 2009

It is a surprise to me which of my submissions generate the most downloads as opposed to which ones earn me the most income. For instance, the Mini Cooper S Convertible, a diecast scale model miniature, has been downloaded seven times, with the most recent download at $24 and some change, so it is now one of two top earners.

The other one, "Buck in the 'Burbs" has only been downloaded twice, but one was at maximum size so also earned me over $24.

Second most often downloaded image is the Jeep Rescue Concept, another diecast scale model, at five downloads. Yet, income for this image has remained low since smaller images were downloaded.

The scale model Camaro Custom is close behind with 4 downloads. Several other images of diecast cars share the distinction of having been downloaded three times each.

Surprisingly, this vector graphic of Christian symbolism has attracted considerable attention as well.

So as you can see, I've uploaded both photos and graphics, with varying degrees of success. I try to submit a diversity of images to find what's the most popular. The best photos seem to be sharp, simple, uncluttered and unique, with a clear, single-minded focus as to subject or concept, something to consider when you submit images or graphics.

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Comment by Wildmac on July 08, 2009