How to Make a Good Picture Better

posted on 9th of july, 2009

There are times when we take a picture that is good, but we know and realize that it could be better. Follow these easy steps to make any good picture better.
1.CROP - Take the image that you’re working with and crop the image so that the focal point stands out more or better than it did originally.
2.BRIGHTNESS/CONTRAST - With the adjustment tool in your program adjust the brightness and contrast of the photograph. Often times a touch of contrast goes along way. You will find that the colors will become richer. Play with the brightness/contrast setting until you arrive at the desired look.
3.COLOR SATURATION - Adjust the color saturation of the picture. What this does is it brings out the colors and makes them brighter. This step you must be careful with because it is possible to go over board.

Comments (4)

Comment by Kbkgraphx on July 13, 2009

I also find the "Selective Color" tool to be invaluable.

Comment by Mani33 on July 09, 2009

You are absolutely right, centered photos with good light effects is one of the points that I referred in my blog.

Thanks :)

Comment by Hlehnerer on July 09, 2009

Good tips!

Comment by Freedomphotos on July 09, 2009

Thanks, great info for a amateur.

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