seven up yipeio!

posted on 10th of july, 2009


I started many years ago with a couple of images, and gave up. Checked back recently and one image had generated earnings. I have resumed submitting images with a new goal of trying to get +++$100.00 in sales. Then the next goal will be to try and get that every month. The only problem is because of high refusals, I can only upload a couple of images now, so the odds of just getting a few approved has dropped. I hope that the limitation on uploads is not permanent, and that if I can get a couple of images approved the limitation will be lifted. I sure would like to know how the process works, do they review the image unbiased without seeing who submitted it, are the images reviewed by just one person or a group of reviewers.

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Comment by Littledesire on July 10, 2009