How to manage and evaluate your own photos?!

posted on 12th of july, 2009

As any kind of management has four basic steps (Planning, Orientation, execution and control) we might make from our life a small business including our micro-stock management.
Yes I am going to speak about micro-stock management as a business...

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Planning: Starting from choosing the subject of the photo that you're going to shoot or to illustrate. Before you start thinking of how and when to shoot, you could make a small case study from what is available online of the same idea and see if it is a well covered subject or not! If you come to a conclusion that your photo idea will be original or unique go to next step try to make your expectations on how many of this photo will sell?! (Take a note with your ideas).

Organizing: Are your tools and methods available with you? Choose the right day, time, place, model and angle! Check your camera programs. Take a note with what you need and what you have to do the shot!
Execution: Get your shot on the right place, time and angle, take various shots from the same photo. Open them isolated, then browse them all together, play some with saturn contrast and brightness... Maybe you can put the same image with three different effects! See where your eye feels more comfortable.
If it's needed to repeat the shot, do it! Don't loose an idea that might worths money!
Now when all the shots with all the effects are done... choose, make your decision upon the evaluation that you made before.
Think that your photo will be accepted because it's different from the others and has a different style. (Save all your work till the photos are accepted).
Control: After uploading if it's rejected check the reason and go back to the execution. If it's accepted then congratulations be patient to see the results. You could set a time table for each photo, when to take the final evaluation about your art.

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If the results are good you could start planning more different photos from the same subject. That's why you see the collections on DT.
Make the same about the subjects that you can offer, this enriches your portfolio.
Remember that your photos should have the quality that satisfy you before satisfying DT or the buyers!

Like this you can answer your self why my photo was not accepted? Why it didn't sell?! Have you hit the subject on the right time? Is my portfolio rich?

That's it guys, Cheers ;)

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