Creative images must be planned

posted on 13th of july, 2009

In my blog I posted an article in two parts, about the process of creating a couple ideas on social networking. Here I want instead to tell you the preliminary procedures I usually apply before getting the idea done.

Basically, if an idea spring to mind, be it during reading, sleeping, a conversation or whatever, what I usually do is a simple search in the agency database and with Picniche, to see if that kind of subject/keyword may be good. Good means that there are few photos/images with that keyword, or that my idea will be something different or improving on what already exist.
So, after this preliminary searches I am usually able to say if that idea is something worth to spend time on, or not. If the answer is yes, then I start to prepare the images I need for my concept. What I want to underline is that there is no 'magic' in creating original images, mostly is just the result of good planning and a mental habit.

How is your creative process? Where do you take ideas from, mostly? Do you believe in creativity as a mental habit or you think is more of a unique 'gift'?

You can see below two results of this kind of creative process from my portfolio, along with some from other talented artist here at Dreamstime.

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