First sale!!

posted on 13th of july, 2009

A few days ago I found out that I had just sold my first stock photo ever! Whoot! I'd almost given up on DT and had only 10 photos online...I was feeling rather discouraged, actually. (I don't know how long it normally takes people to sell their first stock photo - I started stock in May this year.) So the night before, I said, God, if you want me to keep doing stock, please let at least one stock photo sell tomorrow...and the next day the first one sold. Totally an answer to prayer! :D Anyway, I'm definitely going to start uploading more of my stuff to this website now.

The photo attached it the one that sold. I suppose someone is going to start a campaign for snail weight loss! ;)

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Comment by Kasienka on August 06, 2009