Blogging may be a necessary marketing strategy

posted on 20th of july, 2009

Today I have posted in my blog about the necessity to write a blog as a marketing strategy. In fact, is something that more and more microstock photographers start to consider and many already do.

The problem is that most of times is hard to find good subjects for your blog and keep it up on a regular basis. I have started mine in June and seen that I have no problem to write something on a regular schedule, I'm planning on expand my goals (that will be the argument of a next post).
With the growing competition, is really vital that your images are seen and your name recognized. You should be known as somebody that provide good quality images, creative, original and with some specialization. The important point is for your 'brand' to be known.

So, before even considering writing a blog, you should have a very good portfolio of images to offer! :-)

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Comment by Saniphoto on July 22, 2009