When you have nothing to shoot, shoot motion

posted on 7th of october, 2009
When you have nothing to shoot you can go to the nearest bus-stop and shoot running cars. Use different shutter-speed for different effects. To freeze motion but still have wheels moving - around 1/1500, to make a natural motion blur - 1/20 or less. It's easier to make running cars images in manual mode, because it gives you a chance to choose suitable aperture and ISO depending on light conditions. Automate may just refuse to work properly or it can all the time make similar images according to it's own choice. Don't worry if while shooting moving objects you produce a lot of rubbish, because rubbish in such case is a very normal part of work. In the end you get few pictures which can be uploaded without too much bother: all logos and numbers will disappear themselves. Here is an example: ...

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Posted by Jdanne on March 06, 2010
Thanks for inspiring us!
Posted by Andreygorlov on October 10, 2009
well...i think you can find a subject for your camera anyway...motion is kelw anyway if you do it professional
Posted by Wildmac on October 08, 2009
Looks great! I'll have to give it go :0)

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More advantage of donating free images

posted on 14th of october, 2009
>Hi, Friends.
I already wrote about my experiments with free images in this article and since then I moved a bit further ;) - donated few more pictures and noticed that most of my new sales became n/a, many of which were the pictures showed when viewing the free ones. So, recently the time for this image came to become free. The reason - I found a better way to process it and now preparing a new version (probably not for this stock - risk of too many of the same is high, but at least for myself and my own site).
The initial name of this picture was "Clothespins pattern". I entered it's number in the right cell, pressed "donate" button, watched the image appearing in free section and clicked...

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Posted by Frantab01 on October 15, 2009
thanks for that, will def try it out :)
Posted by Jeyaprakash84 on October 14, 2009
That was informative.. Thanks..
Posted by Justmeyo on October 14, 2009

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