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posted on 7th of october, 2009
In these days, I had to spend a lot of times in bed as I was ill - fever, headache, cold, sorethroat... nothing terrible, but the body asked a big rest. So I was taking aspirin, drinking a lot of tea, sleeping.
During this period, oddly, I hadn´t a good mood. In past, I didn´t stress when I had to lie and to rest. I have taken it with philosophy "girl, body needs a rest".
This time was another, I was really pretty moody. But my husband´s nice words has turned my mood to my usual good mood.

Today I have logged in DT and there has been a comment about my new image of the Christmas angel:
What a beautiful image!! i hope it does well this Holiday Season.
It was a comment that made me so pleased.

When there is...

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Posted by Irisangel on October 24, 2009
So true! We seldom realize how our words impact other people, good or bad. So, to hear kind words or to speak kind words always affects other people. Each day when I wake up, I ask the Creator to "Please, just put the right words in my mind that I might somehow say and do the right thing today" Hope you are feeling better Jitka. (A bit of brandy in that tea helps also.) LOL
Posted by Ymegananda on October 14, 2009
Comment from the buyer is absolutely amazing thing for me, because i haven't received any comment since my upload files only 7 files :(
Your image is so inspiring me, hope i can also get comment soon from buyer, cause i will upload more
Posted by Arwen_sam on October 08, 2009
It is my hope for you that you continue to grow from the Light that is within you for your own healing and the nurturing of the people around you - you have great spirit!

Comments (20)

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