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posted on 2nd of november, 2009
Today I have studied my statistics area and I have found that October was the 5th month with 100 % acceptance of my uploaded images. The same situation was in January, March, July and August. Apart June, when I got accepted just 66 percent of my uploaded images, also the other months were good - always over 90 %.
As for acceptance ratio, June was a strange month for me. My monthly aploaded average is: 37 images. In June I have uploaed only 14 images and almost half of them was refused. I think summer time made my mind too restful :-)
Now my acceptance ratio is 82,2 %. I am pleased of this because I must admit last year I hadn´t such incredible results. I had to learn:

1 - I don´t make...

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Posted by Rosedarc on December 10, 2009
Very interesting blog, I definitely agree it's very important to be selective and not jam the system with too many identical shots.
Posted by Gilmourbto2001 on November 19, 2009
This article makes a wonderful point, that I think many microstockers simply ignore (to the detriment of the industry AND fellow contributors) - and that is that it is much smarter to simply pick the best image or two from a series and contribute that. So many shooters take 12 shots of essentially the same thing and jam them through quality control. It just clogs up the image base. No wonder rejections are up - I feel sorry for the reviewers who have to cull through so many similar pictures. Nice blog!
Posted by Maigi on November 03, 2009
Best wishes to you as well, Jitka! Thank you for the good article!

Comments (14)

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