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posted on 18th of december, 2009

Before moving to a new year, we would like to disclose some backstage info for our active and ever growing contributing community: Dreamstime's 2009 best 10 images, a list of the most downloaded files this year. And since this cat is out of (Santa's) bag, here is another tip: although last year's top ten images still sell well and remain among most downloaded - in top 20 or 30 - they are no longer featured in top 10. Which means there is always room for improvement and fresh content has been uploaded in the meantime.

Seasonal images seem to lead the way - or should we say light - as first three most downloaded are Christmas related. What is surprising about these files is that they have been uploaded in the second half of 2009. First place image for instance has been uploaded at the end of October and has already reached record number of sales. Moreover, the file was uploaded by a contributor with a relatively small portfolio which shows that anyone can have a Dreamstime best seller anytime.

All images featured in this top ten come from different authors which proves an equal distribution of sales among contributors. Top 5 contributors with most images featured in the first 50 best sellers are: Andresr, Yuri_arcurs, Kurhan, Italianestro and Kjpargeter.

Concept-oriented, these top ten sellers seem to cover a wide variety of themes: Christmas, family events, business and/or teamwork, environment and/or nature, people diversity, leisure and holidays and last but not least, pets. Compositions are rather simple and have enough copy space for designers to play with.

Hope the info is useful and might have shed some light on our buyers' preferences for 2009 at least. Have a very merry Christmas and a wonderful New year.

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