Freedom of being on your own.

posted on 10th of december, 2009
Well my really enjoying my freedom of my own boss. Yesterday i attended the Dubai International Film Festival, morning I attended the press conference of Mr. Amitabh Bachhan, one of the most successful Indian Cinema Actor. First time ever I saw him and it was a great honor to meet this iconic film star of India. He is very famous in other parts of the world as well. The below images of Mr. Bachhan, which was shot yesterday and got approved this morning.

After that I attended the full celebrity RED CARPET event of DIFF, first time ever saw so many film stars and celebrities from around the world, I met many India Cinema Stars, Arabic Stars and some western stars. Yet to upload the red carpet...

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Posted by Dublinuser on June 29, 2010
I only found recently about Amitabh Bachchan, while watching his charity work at Oxfam Shop. Great Man!
Posted by Alerizzo78 on December 11, 2009
For your photos, for your nice article, and above all for your baby! :)
Posted by Creativei on December 11, 2009
Special thanks to DT admins for priority review and arranging this blog in a professional manner. The blog layout looks perfect, thanks once again

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Celebrities on the red carpet

posted on 11th of december, 2009
>Well here is my small experience of photo session of celebrities. First if you have read my READ HERE I had encountered several challenges shooting the celebrities. The event organizers didn't send us the list of celebrities attending the red carpet event and as its my first session I was bit nervous and excited. I reached the place on time, in fact 1 hour earlier, this gave me an opportunity to test some shots as people were moving around and I had difficulties to frame the picture, as the people were either moving very fast very slow. And i was trying to shoot in manual mode. Later checked the images most looked perfect in small tiny screen of camera. As i had enough time I just downloaded few to my laptop to...

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Posted by Imdan on December 13, 2009
I've done quite a bit of celeb and political red carpet shooting over the years. I carry a collapsible (flat) foot stool I can stand on if I'm stuck in the back of the pack. This stool adds almost a foot to my 5'-8" stature. The step stool can be found at RV dealers. However, this added height is certainly not my first choice as many celebs are not very tall. So, I prefer to shoot them from about waist high. This gives them a somewhat "towering" look and eliminates the wierd perspective of me looking down on them.

Also, I use a gimmick to get the celebs to look at me. I wait until most of the photographers have silenced their "Hey, look over here!" demands and I say "Now, please look at the old man." The celebs look at me and grin ... great smile!
Posted by Ebamo on December 13, 2009
Haven't seen queen Nour for years...she is still the same!
attractive collection , congrats!
Posted by Elianehaykal on December 12, 2009
No Lebanese? LOL..

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