Taking chances

posted on 4th of february, 2009
Sometimes with stock photography it pays to 'play it safe' and add to your portfolio with similar images to what you have done in the past. Ultimately, though, I suspect that growing your portfolio in new ways helps a lot. Mostly though - it keeps you interested. While I don't have the luxury of spending hours on every shot I really enjoy it when I have an idea and take some time out to realize it. There is some risk involved as you could spend the time and then have it rejected!

For me it is very satisfying to get shots accepted when it takes some extra work to get the images completed. The recent assignment was an example of this. In addition to the assignment photo I had accepted and the one above spurred by the assignment, I also finished two other shots that were...

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Posted by Danielleongjinonn on February 06, 2009
thanks for sharing your topic....iy really help other photographer get some ideas from here>.......:)
Posted by Bradcalkins on February 05, 2009
Thanks, Creativei. I've admired your portfolio as well - and your downloads per image!
Posted by Creativei on February 05, 2009
Your blogs and your pictures are really great. I liked the strange businessman image, hats off mate. good job.

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Impact and color

posted on 24th of february, 2009

I decided recently that I needed some dramatic shots that catch the eye in my portfolio. I keep reading that bright colors and eye catching thumbnails are the way to go. So on a recent family holiday I shot some pictures with this purpose in mind. Here are some of the results:

I'm happy to report that within days of uploading I'm seeing some sales of these! As well, making marginal light shots into silhouettes dramatically improved their appeal. Hope you like them...

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Posted by Aginger on April 20, 2009
Great dramatic colors...and very useful tip, I think I'll try it also :)
Posted by Reeddaigle on February 26, 2009
Eye catching, no doubt! Making them into silhouettes and those rich deep colors make them striking indeed.
And I read in another blog comment that you are currently in Japan! Enjoy your time here! It's a beautiful country.
Posted by Tan510jomast on February 26, 2009
very nice idea. congrats to you improved sales.

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