posted on 2nd of february, 2009

Time flies. I have a year on DT! (o.o).
And this picture was downloaded to the DT one year and two days ago.
And someone bought it today! Cool! And Thank you! ))
The picture was completely drawn in CorelDraw with a pencil sketch. But as a sophisticated effects (shadows, grid, blends), I did not download a vector file.
Well, as I do, this picture shows.
And layer by layer)))

Oh! You did not go to the movie "Yes Man" with Jim Carrey and Zooey Deschanel? Funny movie! Worth seeing!

Believe in yourself! Bye!

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Posted by Piscari on February 03, 2009
Thank You! (@_@)
Posted by Littlemacproductions on February 03, 2009
Happy DTDay! Love the hand with car.
Posted by Piscari on February 03, 2009
Thank You very much!))

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Walking backpack assistant

posted on 13th of february, 2009
He-he-he! I found someone who will carry my backpack with a camera and run for a beer)))

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Posted by Littlemacproductions on February 13, 2009
I am scared Mommy!
Posted by Piscari on February 13, 2009
Thanks Aughty, Noonie, Cleaper and who else would comment:)) I just want to say that I agree with Noonie that this thing really could help many people ... These guys simply Well done! PS: But my dog is better!))
Posted by Cleaper on February 13, 2009
That is so cool...I want one!

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Rejected photos

posted on 27th of february, 2009
© Alexandkz (Help) Never remove your rejected photos! And never be upset about this!)))
Look at them through the eyes of a designer or artist and you will see something special in each of them.
Perhaps you come up stunning collage, or a bright pattern or a funny illustration!?
If you long look at the patterns of marble, its texture streak, you can see some fantastic characters or animals or something else shade!
Cut, glue, paint, stick! Be a little child!
Oeuvre everywhere!)))

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Posted by Grofnula on February 27, 2009
Yes I agree, I often use rejected materials in web and poster design, to achieve archaic, atmospheric, strange or other effects. Sometimes these photos are exactly what I need.

and of resubmit them somewhere else on the web and so increase % of overall acceptance!

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