How to improve sales?

posted on 4th of april, 2009
Everybody here on Dreamstime wants to know how to improve sales. In my opinion nobody can give 100% solution to this problem. In my opinion to improve sales the following steps are necessary:-

1. Quality:- This is one of the most important point to improve sales. Quality images sell better and in quick pace.

2. Regular uploads:- regular uploading of pics also increase the sales. As you will keep on uploading more pics your portfolio exposure will keep on increasing and you will surely get more sales.

3. Blogging:- Blogging is another good way to come into limelight. Write good blogs, you will be awarded with 1 credit and also your portfolio will be more visible, hence your sales will improve.

4. Assignments:- I my view assignments are also very helpful...

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Posted by Mossel on August 22, 2009
Thanks that your understand my lost and frustration. Best of luck with all your uploads

Posted by Rangpl on April 07, 2009
I've never looked at those assignments and don't know what is that really ;), i think i should give it a try.
Posted by Kasienka on April 07, 2009
I agree with your tips. But you have forgotten about one, which is very very important. It is very good to be photographer working exclusively with Dreamstime ;-)

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Strawberry Frame

posted on 12th of april, 2009
I just want to show you all my new strawberry frame, hope everybody like it.

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Posted by Kphotos6411 on September 08, 2011
I see you sold it at least once. So, somebody did like it. :) Congratulations!
Posted by Tetis on April 14, 2009
Posted by Littledesire on April 12, 2009
:) :) :) I have to admit you both deserve to be in our fun club with Noonie and Maigi :)

Nice image!

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posted on 20th of april, 2009
Checkout my first free image.
© Picstudio (Help)

Tags: free image
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Posted by Aughty on April 21, 2009
very interesting! has it driven any buyers to your portfolio?

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