My Stock Photo School

posted on 6th of may, 2009
>Hi, this is going to be the blog where I write about my stock experiences, particularly on Dreamstime, about lessons I learned from practice, other photographers and editors while uploading on stock, about how stock can help photographer's professional development. Also It's a place to discuss daily routine of stock life such as how to make your acceptance ratio higher, how to collect key-words better and finally how to sell more...

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The Fun of Making Collections

posted on 14th of may, 2009
Hi, Friends.
I noticed that after making a photosession on a certain subject my interest to this subject get's much higher than before. I immediately become curious what others did on the same matter and how other photographers see the same object or a concept. After some work on a certain subject is already done I better notice details and sometimes think - wow, how can others be so smart and why I never thought about all these ways to approach? It gives a lot of inspiration and competitive spirit.
Same way after making a series of "eggs" I began to search the "eggs" of other photographers and discovered that eggs can be not only like this
like this
or like this .
But also like that ,
like that ...

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Posted by Julia161 on May 14, 2009
Wow, this picture after I saw it was all the evening in my mind. So sad :( But a good work must be in my collection. Added ;)
Posted by Bradcalkins on May 14, 2009
How about this take on eggs :)

Posted by Eclecticelegance on May 14, 2009
I love using collections to organize my profile and to save my favorite photos here on Dreamstime for future reference and enjoyment!

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