Shooting in the royal garden of China

posted on 5th of may, 2009
In the history of China, Beijing was the capital of three dynasties of China.Therefore, there are many well-known imperial garden in Beijing,this is an important theme that a lot of Chinese photographers often shoot too.

I think the reason why the garden of China really attracts people is not merely its view, but its history and culture.

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Posted by Linqong on May 07, 2009
Thank you for your reply!
Posted by Kittycat on May 07, 2009
Beautiful images. Very pretty young lady. :)
Posted by Linqong on May 06, 2009
Thank you like my image:)

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My deskmate girl

posted on 12th of may, 2009
Though I have already worked for many years, I often miss my own life in the university and miss my classmates too.
The time in the university is so happy,in addition to classes we went outside to play ...that is my happiest period of time in life.
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A few years ago,there is a pop song in China, its name is .This song has described a man's memory to the girl, deskmate of university ,Chinese lyrics are written very beautifully.This song brings a good memory to me,.
it also reminds me of my deskmate,my deskmate was also a beautiful girl,she was a very introverted girl...

is a Chinese song, my English is not good, I can not be accurately translated into English.But I was lucky to...

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Posted by Linqong on May 13, 2009
Thank you for your comment:)
Posted by Littledesire on May 13, 2009
Nice song! And she's very beautiful! I like that one with water most!
Posted by Linqong on May 13, 2009
Hi, Williamju

No, my picture is submitted very fast recently.
Some pictures in BLOG are to select self- some pictures last year.

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Modern and classical

posted on 30th of may, 2009
I think DT is a very good classroom, I have already had much harvest from it. I often browse my favorite contributors and images,I found the modern idea and technique of expression
are very important.
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For example, a model's different modelling and the performance will bring the completely different feeling.According to this viewpoint, I have tried to shoot several models,finally, I selected a model and shot a group of pictures with very big span of times.
Between classical beautiful and modern beauty,the model's performance makes me to be pleased.

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Posted by Jinlide on June 22, 2009
Hi, Linqong, I started a thread on question about model release in China. I wonder whether you will be able to help me about that since you have used many different models in China. Could you tell me what kind of model release you used that is acceptable to Dreamstime but also your models can read without knowing English? I need it for my upcoming China trip and can't find a good version through my web searches. I really appreciate any suggestions you can provide on this matter.
Posted by Linqong on June 01, 2009
Thanks for your nice comment:)
Posted by Roberto1977 on June 01, 2009
Beautiful images: very very good work! Bye, Rob.

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