An Entertainment Era called "Michael Jackson"

posted on 29th of june, 2009
25th June 2009 (26th June morning in India). I woke up due to a call at 3.30 AM in the morning. A call from my dear friend in London. She was crying. All she said was come online. By the time I went online, one more call followed from LA, from a source close to MJ who said "Mike is dead!". I couldn't believe my ears. The next thing I did was googling news for Michael Jackson and saw the news "Michael Jackson feared dead". Still I didn't believe. For me Michael Jackson is far more than King of Pop, far more than the God of Show Business he was something more important. He was my guru when it comes to music business, music presentation and arranging music. Music business leads to PR. Which artist do we know to have handled PR as effeciently as Michael Jackson??? He is the ruler when...

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Posted by Markfgd on July 02, 2009
The great British actress, Molly Sugden, died yesterday. As she wasn't notorious for hanging expensive Canon 1Ds's out of German hotel windows or leaving half her face in the back of the camera every time she cleaned the sensor, I doubt there'll be much interest about her on a photography forum such as this!
Posted by Arielmartin on June 30, 2009
Nikhil: I see you are his biggest fan! I share your endless admiration for him as an artist. I also have great affection for him since I grew up listening to his music. The album Thriller was the first one I ever asked my parents to buy for me. I still have the original cassette tape somewhere. He also inspires great compassion for all the suffering I think we went through, and some curiosity since everyone says he was like a child in a grown up's body. Missunderstood by most. I deeply regret his departure and wish my son, only six months old, could have known him and seen him perform live. Now it's up to me to show him this wonderful musician. No one like him. Sadly.
Posted by Littlemacproductions on June 30, 2009
He certainly made a mark on this world. I am sure many people feel as strongly about him as you. He was a great entertainer and so very very young. I hope the battle for his legacy (the legalities of his estate) doesn't sullen the positive parts of his life.

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