posted on 25th of august, 2009
What is metadata? Metadata is an information that describes, explains, locates, or otherwise makes it easier to retrieve, use, or manage an information resource. Metadata is often called data about data or information about information. When it comes to digital images, it is compared with the blank back of a printed photo. This is a place to write information about the image – who made it, who owns the copyrights, what is on the image, who is in the image, where it was made, when it was made and camera settings used to create it.
There are several ways to store metadata. And Dreamstime upload system supports automated EXIF/IPTC data retrieval.
So it's really handy to use some software, to store EXIF or IPTC data into an image file. This information can include...

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Posted by Emmacharles on August 28, 2009
Graet info Maigi !
Posted by Emmacharles on August 28, 2009
Graet info Maigi !
Posted by Asyan on August 27, 2009
Thank you! very useful!

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posted on 29th of august, 2009
We are creative artists. We like to create, we enjoy it. And we do it as occasionally or often we can and want. There's just something in our inner self what wants to come out and start to live its own life. And we love to let it out, to let it go. That's an enjoyable creative process. We like that process and often we like the result too. Well, sometimes we hate it too, and using our rights of creator just destroy it and start from the scratch. So if there wouldn't be anybody who would like our images, we still would do it. Just beacause of the enjoyable act of creation.
But of course it would be much more fun, when there are people, who like our work. Who enjoy seeing our work, like we like to create it. Actually I started to think, that I like to see others creative...

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Posted by Maigi on November 19, 2009
Thanks! I hope it gonna be soon.
Great photos!
Posted by Gilmourbto2001 on November 19, 2009
This is a cool post. Once I sell some, I'll be sure and take this advice to heart.
Posted by Maigi on September 08, 2009
You are welcome!

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